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Laboratory Furniture

We are a leading manufacturer of innovative Modern laboratory Furniture.

Laboratory Fume Hood

We are a leading manufacturer of innovative laboratory Fume Hood Furniture.

Lab Furniture Accessories

We Provide high-quality Laboratory accessories services in Vadodara.

Spot Extractor

We are a leading manufacturer of Spot Extractor and other laboratory furnitures across Vadodara, India.

Anti-Vibration Table

Anti-vibration table Provides outstanding protection from Vibrations.

Slotted Angle Racks

We provide high-quality slotted Angle Racks according to clients' needs.

Storage Cupboard

We have a variety of different Storage Cupboards to store Laboratory Equipments.

Cross Over Bench

We are leading manufacturer of Furniture of Cross Over Bench accross India.

Shreeji Lab Furniture | We Provide Best Pharmaceutical Lab Furniture

We provide world best furniture in lowest price

Modular Laboratory

We Provide Lab Furniture

Welcome to Shreeji Lab Furniture. Buy your perfect product from us with lowest rate.

One of the top manufacturers and providers of high-quality Modular Laboratory Furniture, Fume Hood Systems, and related lab accessories is an Indian enterprise called Shreeji Lab Furniture located in Vadodara. Shreeji lab furniture has been manufacturing, sourcing, supplying, and installing top-notch fume hoods and opulent laboratory furniture with creatively organized areas to make the laboratory a pleasant place to work.

Shreeji lab Furniture provides lab furniture in different sectors including pharmaceutical labs, healthcare labs, industrial research and development labs, clinical research labs, biotechnology laboratory, forensic science laboratory, chemical lab, petrochemical laboratory, cement lab, engineering, food, beverage, school, and government sector laboratories have been covered by Shreeji lab furniture over the years. To get quote contact us at +917016152637 or mail us at contact@shreejilabfurniture.com

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Why choose Shreeji Lab Furniture

Trustworthy Service

The business is renowned for offering comprehensive, unique laboratory solutions by setting up labs in the most effective and affordable manner. A testimonial to our design process, quality, prompt commissioning, and service is the lengthy and prestigious list of clients in India.

Elegant Yet Affordable Price

We provide an elegant and aesthetic look to your laboratory with our team of experts, years of experience, creativity & dedication towards their work. The best work yet at an affordable & economical price. To get a quote contact us.

Best After Sales Service

The passionate Customer Care Department of Shreeji Lab Furniture constantly stands behind its products by offering top-notch after-sales services. At Shreeji Lab Furnitures, we prioritize building enduring relationships with our clients as well as bringing structure to your laboratory.